July 01, 2015

My Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I've debated back and forth about whether or not to post anything, because I generally try to reserve the internet for "puppies and kittens" as my mother would say. But, In light of recent events, I've seen a lot of John 8:7 being thrown around and I think it deserves to be discussed.

 In case you aren't familiar, it is where Jesus says, "let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her," in regards to the adulterous woman brought before Him by the Pharisees. Here's the part that I think people miss though. If you read a little further you will get to John 8:11, where Jesus forgives her of her sin and commands her to, "go, and from now on sin no more."

Love wins, all right. Jesus IS love. He loves us so much that he died to save us, not so we can live in our sin, but so that we too can, "go...and sin no more." As a follower of Jesus, I love everyone: gay, straight, tall, short, black, white or purple. However, because I believe what the Bible says about sin, which is that it leads to eternal separation from God, it wouldn't be loving at all for me to sit back and watch while people celebrate what God clearly defines as sin. So, that's why I don't agree with gay marriage. Not out of hate at all, but genuinely out of love.

Now as far as whether or not gay marriage should be legal or not, I honestly don't think the government should be granting marriages in the first place. If I had my way, any two adults could get a civil contract from the government, that would provide them with whatever benefits the government currently gives to married folk. But don't call it marriage. Marriage is God's business and He's pretty clear on how it works; marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman, and Himself.

June 10, 2015

Clark: Month Two

Well, this month has been a challenge for my little man. Around the time he turned one month old, we started to notice that he was spitting up a LOT and crying more or less any time he was awake. At 5 weeks old, we took him to see Dr. Brad and found out our sweet boy has gastroesophageal reflux disease, also know as GERD, but most commonly known as just "reflux." He began taking medicine to decrease the acid in his stomach, but thus far it hasn't helped much. He will begin taking a new medicine tomorrow, so we are hoping it will give him some much needed relief. I hate knowing he is hurting and that there's little to nothing I can do in the moment to help him feel better. And to be totally honest, the constant crying really takes a toll on me emotionally as well. On the bright side, despite the constant puking, Clark is growing like a weed and sleeping like a champ! He tips the scales at 13 pounds, 14 ounces and generally sleeps from about 10pm-7am with a feeding around 3-4am. It may have been a fluke, but he slept from 9:30pm to 6:30am last night! He has also started smiling, which is such a sweet sight amidst all the crying. There is nothing better than seeing him happy! I know I will say it every month, but I love him with all my heart and I so enjoy watching him grow!

  • dedicated to the Lord on Mother's Day at Buck Run Baptist Church
  • diagnosed with GERD and had an x-ray of his belly
  • typically wears just a diaper at home, since he spits up so much
  • 1st bottle on 5-15-15
  • 1st trip out of town to Owensboro
  • 23 1/4 inches long
  • started smiling
  • sleeps at night from about 10pm-7am with one nighttime feeding between 3-4am
  • adored by his big brother, who says "uh-oh" and runs over to give him a hug when he cries
  • 13 pounds, 14 ounces

May 13, 2015

Clark: Month One

I knew it would happen, but it still managed to sneak up on me. Clark's first month has FLOWN by! Now that we have a month under our belt we are settling into a routine as a family of four and we are all getting to know each other better every day. I know even more this time around how quickly babies grow up so I am desperately trying to savor every moment, even when that moment happens to be at 2 in the morning. He is a serious little guy and when he wants something he is sure to let us know until he gets it! It's fun comparing him to what Sawyer was like and seeing how even at a month old they already have such distinct personalities. I love my boys something fierce and watching them interact is one of my greatest joys. I am so, so thankful that God chose me to be their mommy! Here's is what Clark has been up to this month...

-had already gained 2 pounds and 1/4 inch by his check up at 19 days old
-very gassy!
-slept in his rock-n-play in our bedroom until 4-26 when he moved to his crib
-has a little bit of baby acne
-has his mommy's blue eyes (at least for now)
-moved up to size 1 diapers at about a week and a half old
-wakes up about every 3 hours at night to nurse
-hiccups a lot
-likes to look at the bears on the mobile on his swing
-hates riding in the car
-noisy sleeper
-wore newborn clothes most of his first month, but now wears 0-3 month clothes
-would eat all day long if I'd let him!

April 14, 2015

40 Weeks: Welcome Clark!

Weight Gain: My final tally was somewhere around 50 pounds. I've already lost 13, but clearly I still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-Sawyer weight. I'm giving myself a year, so we'll see!
Maternity Clothes: You can bet I'll still be rocking them for a while!
Highlight of the Week: Clark was born!
Missing: Sleep ;)
Movement: Yep, and now I can watch him :)
Cravings: Do nursing cravings count? 
Symptoms: None really. I am already pretty much healed!
Showing: Nope
Gender: Still a boy!
Labor Signs: N/A
Belly Button: Back in where it belongs
Wedding Rings: Off, but I am hoping to get them back on soon.
Most Looking Forward To: Everything! I am so happy with our little family and I can't wait to watch my sweet boys grow up :)
Milestones: Clark is here!

The Labor and Delivery of Clark Henry Hyatt

Clark’s birth story begins on March 10, 2015 at my 36 week check up. It was at that appointment that I found out that I was already a half centimeter dilated and 25 percent effaced. Since Sawyer was a week late and I had no progress at all until 40 weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was already making progress. My midwife, Katie, told me that she didn’t think I would go over my due date this time around, and while I knew it was just an educated guess, I was thrilled to hear her say that! I continued to have weekly appointments from then on and each time I found out that I was progressing more and more. By April 6, at my last appointment, I was 3 centimeters dilated, 60 percent effaced and Clark was at a 0 station, which means that he was “engaged.” Katie told me at the conclusion of my appointment that she would be awaiting my call…

Tuesday, April 7 was a regular day. A man came by to fix our washing machine that had been broken for about 2 weeks and joked that I better not have the baby while he was there. I laughed and told him I was just glad that I would have my washing machine back in working order before the baby arrived! That night Jason’s parents came over for dinner (Penn Station) and to play a game of marbles. In a rare occurrence, Jason and I lost at marbles and we all joked that maybe the intense game and frustration of losing would send me into labor! His parents left around 10pm and Jason and I went to bed. Despite the fact that I had been losing large amounts of my mucus plug over the past few days, I didn't expect to go into labor any time soon.

At 3:03am, I woke up feeling like I really needed to use the bathroom. I was able to, but still felt crampy afterwards, so I sat there on the toilet google-ing “contractions feeling like you have to poop.” (Sorry if that’s too much information, but it’s part of the story!) My google search led me to believe that perhaps I was actually in early labor instead of just having gas pains, so at 3:39am I called my doula, Elizabeth, to let her know. I told her it was probably nothing, but that I wanted to tell her just in case. She said for me to call her back in 30 minutes to update her on I was doing, so I decided to take a shower while I waited. Before I got in the shower though, I woke Jason up to let him know that I thought I might be in early labor, but told him to go back to sleep and that I'd wake him up if it turned out to be anything worth getting up for.

While I was in the shower, the contractions started getting a little worse, so I decided to practice the 3 R’s method of relaxation, repetition and rhythm that Elizabeth taught me. During each contraction I made a sound like, “ahhh” that kind of felt like singing. Jason heard me and figured that maybe it was time to wake up after all. Once I got out of the shower things continued to intensify. I sat on my exercise ball in front of the fan in our bedroom and “ahh-ed” through the ever-increasing contractions. I tried to get ready, but all I managed to do was dry my hair and put some clothes on between contractions before they got too intense for me to do anything but focus on getting through each one. 

At 4:08am I called Elizabeth back and told her I thought this was the real deal. I had a minute long contraction while on the phone with her, and she too realized it was time. She was actually attending another birth in Shelbyville at the time, but told me to let her know when I wanted her to come over.  At 4:20 Jason texted Elizabeth to tell her I wanted her to come right away and at 4:22 he texted my mom to see if she was awake. Neither replied, so at 4:29 Jason called Elizabeth. He then called mom at 4:30 and she left immediately to come stay with Sawyer, who miraculously slept through all my moaning without stirring at all. At 4:40 Jason called Katie, the midwife, to let her know that I was in labor and that Elizabeth was on her way to our house.

Around this time, Mom arrived, followed a few minutes later by Elizabeth. At this point I was in serious labor and couldn’t do much aside from moan through my contractions and lean on Jason, who was on his knees in front of my exercise ball.  I had to use the restroom again, and once I threw up, but other than that I was parked on my ball. “ahh-ing” consistently and trying to explain  between contractions what all I needed mom and Jason to grab to pack in my bag for the hospital. I think Jason was also taking bags downstairs at this point, but honestly it is all a bit hazy.

Once Elizabeth arrived, I told her we needed to go to the hospital and she agreed. Jason called Katie at 5:17 to tell her we were getting ready to go to the hospital while Elizabeth and I went downstairs. I told her I needed to use the bathroom again and while I was in the bathroom she asked if I wanted her to check me to see how progressed I was. She didn’t have gloves, but I didn’t care. She washed her hands, checked me, and quickly realized things were serious. She told me I was completely effaced, 10 centimeters dilated and that I had a decision to make. Either we leave for the hospital right that second or we call Katie back and have her come to the house. I was in no way prepared to have a baby at home, so we decided to try to make it to the hospital. As it turns out, I didn’t actually have to use the bathroom; my body was trying to push the baby out whether I was ready or not!

Elizabeth told Jason to drive slow and steady and to pull over if I said I felt like I was pushing, because I probably was. She told me to do everything in my power not to push unless I wanted to have the baby in the car.  She suggested I breathe when I felt a contraction come, so I huffed and puffed the whole way there as Jason sped through stoplights to make it to the hospital in record time. Amazingly, we made it!

Once we got there, Jason parked the van right by the entrance to the ER (which I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed!) and Elizabeth wheeled me up to the Labor and Delivery floor. There was no time for checking in! I got to the delivery room, took my shorts and panties off, climbed on the bed and asked if I could push now!  The nurses were planning on monitoring me and doing all that jazz,, but Elizabeth told me to do whatever my body was telling me to do. So, I pushed and immediately my water broke. I pushed about 5 times, letting the contractions do most of the work, and within 5 minutes of arriving at the hospital, at 5:42am, Clark Henry Hyatt was born! Katie didn’t make it to the hospital in time, so there was no midwife or doctor at his birth, but there was a team of about 5 nurses. In fact, a nurse named Donna delivered him! After he was born, Donna went into the bathroom to compose herself because as it turns out, Clark was the first baby she had every personally delivered! The nurses did an absolutely amazing job and I wasn’t at all worried. I was too focused on what I was doing to even realize there were only nurses present and I could not have been more impressed with how well they handled the likely very stressful situation.

10 minutes after Clark was born, Jason cut the cord after it finished pulsing. Then, once Katie arrived, she delivered my placenta and stitched me up where I had a small tear. It was a second degree tear, but nothing compared to what I went through when Sawyer was born. Honestly, since I am so afraid of needles, getting the shots to numb me to get stitches was one of the worst parts of the whole labor. I hate needles! Unfortunately, I was bleeding a little more than they were comfortable with, so I also had to have a shot of Pitocin in my thigh. I was holding Clark while they gave me the shot of Pitocin and I think I startled the poor little guy because I yelped when they gave it to me.

After the Pitocin, everything was fine both for me and for Clark. I held him skin to skin for 45 minutes and then the nurses took him to be weighed, measured and bathed. He was 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 21 ¼ inches long. While he was in the nursery getting his bath, I was able to get up and go to the bathroom to put my makeup on since I didn’t get that far when I was getting ready at home. It felt amazing to be able to get up right after having a baby instead of being numb from the waist down like I was last time. I changed into my nursing gown, put on my makeup, and felt like a million bucks!

Looking back, I could not be any happier with how Clark’s birth turned out. It was an absolute whirlwind, but since it all happened so fast I was pretty much forced into having the natural birth I so badly wanted. Labor was definitely intense, but only for the last 2 hours. The first 45 minutes I wasn’t even sure if I was in labor! I loved that I was able to go through my whole labor at home in our bedroom and Jason was an incredible birth partner. He was busy trying to get everything ready, stay in contact with Elizabeth, Katie and my mom, and still managed to stay by my side encouraging me the whole time. His calm demeanor made the situation seem much more normal in the moment than it really was. My mom said if he hadn’t been so calm she would have called 911 when she got to our house and saw how intense my labor was!

Additionally, I am so happy with our decision to utilize a doula this time around. Even though Elizabeth was only there for the last 30 minutes or so, the coping techniques she taught me were essential for me making it through without ever panicking. She also gave me confidence that everything was going to be okay and that it really was time to go to the hospital. As crazy as it sounds, I felt like it was time, but couldn’t really believe it could all happen that quickly!

All in all, Clark’s birth was everything I hoped it would be and I am so happy I was able to have the experience I wanted. He is absolutely precious and Sawyer is smitten with him. He is the perfect addition to our family!

April 11, 2015

Clark's Nursery

Description: For Clark's nursery I wanted to create a space that was elegant, calm, and totally different from Sawyer's room. We moved Sawyer into a different bedroom and used his old room (and furniture) for the baby, so it was important to me that Clark's room be unique and not feel like a hand-me-down. I was going for a "classy safari" feel, but I didn't want it to be too "theme-y." The prints above the crib were the first thing I found that I knew I wanted in the room and the rest just flowed from there.

Design Inspiration: I found a picture of a nursery I loved on Pinterest back when I was pregnant
with Sawyer, but I just couldn't figure out how to make it work. This time, I decided to stop trying to replicate that nursery and instead try to achieve the same feel, and I think I managed to do that. Also, Jason and I had been eyeing the big giraffe by Melissa and Doug for a long time, so we were excited that it fit in!
Favorite Items: I still love the rocking chair that was once Jason's great-grandmother's; it is so special to me. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the lion on the shelf, which my mom painted when she was little for my grandfather. I always loved looking at that lion perched atop a shelf in his office, so when he passed away in 2011 my grandmother gave it to me. I love that a little piece of my grandfather has made its way into the baby's room. On a less sentimental note, obviously Jason and I are big fans of the giraffe. I think we're glad we have kids to justify the fact that we wanted a big stuffed giraffe! Finally, I'm a sucker for monograms, so I am thrilled with how that turned out as well. 

Project Details:
 Paint: Cincinnatian Hotel Ashley Atrium by Valspar

Side Table: Purchased from At Home (formerly Garden Ridge)

Zebra Rocker: Purchased from Once Upon A Child for a whopping $8 on Black Friday

Bedding: Reese Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids

Monogram: Etsy shop AlphabetBoutique123

Framed Prints: Etsy shop studioQgallery (frames are from Target)

Curtains: Newport Grommet Window Panels from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Wooden Elephant Art: Pottery Barn Kids

Giraffe: Melissa and Doug

Rug: Ikea

Other Items: The lamps both came from Ikea, as did the plant on the dresser. The silver elephant and the white lantern came from TJ Maxx. The wooden car was purchased at a craft fair and the mirrored "C" came from At Home. My mom painted the lion and Jason made the ark. The candle came from Target.

April 05, 2015

39 Weeks: Full Term!

Weight Gain: A lot! Evidently I'm just one of those women who gains a lot of weight during pregnancy. Whatever!
Maternity Clothes: I busted out the dress I'd been saving for Easter today, but aside from that I'm dong well to be wearing clothes at all aside from panties and a sports bra.
Stretch Marks: There might be a few popping up on my lower tummy, but they are very faint.
Highlight of the Week: This week has been fun with basketball and Easter to distract me. Unfortunately UK lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four last night, but it was still fun anxiously awaiting the game. Also, we went to an Easter egg hunt yesterday with Sawyer and Gigi which was a good time as well. In fact, we are going to another one in just a few minutes!
Missing: I miss being cute pregnant. It's no longer, "Aww, you're going to have  baby!" Instead it's, "Oh my gosh! When are you doing to have that baby?!"
Movement: He hasn't been moving quite as much as before, which worried me, so they did an ultrasound at my last appointment to check on him. Turns out he's doing absolutely fine, but just doesn't have as much room to move around in anymore!
Cravings: Breakfast! I really want to get donuts or McDonald's every day for breakfast, but I don't. It just sounds SO good!
Symptoms: My hands, feet and face are starting to get more swollen, but aside from that I'm doing pretty well. I'm uncomfortable, but not in any pain really.
Showing: Yes
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: I'm now 3cm dilated and still 50% effaced. It's crazy to me that I am already that dilated, but I'm not complaining! For the past couple days I''ve had a few random, sporadic, light contractions, but nothing to get excited about yet.
Belly Button: Out
Wedding Rings: Off
Most Looking Forward To: I am really looking forward to going into labor since I'm hoping to go au natural this time. I feel ready, so let's just do this!
Milestones: I'm officially full term!