June 25, 2013

21 weeks

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Ignorance is bliss!
Maternity Clothes: I have plenty of jeans and long sleeved tops, but I don't have much in the way of summer clothes. Basically my options are to either look cute and roast, or stay cool while looking decidedly un-cool.
Sleep: I still prefer sleeping on my back, so I hope that the baby doesn't crush me in the night one of these days. He is a wiggle worm right around my bed time too, so that always distracts me in a good way :)
Stretch Marks: I still don't have any, but I'm starting to worry that they will come eventually. My fingers are crossed though!
Highlight of the Week: Finding out at our 20 week ultrasound that he looks absolutely perfect! I was terrified they were going to discover that he has horns or a tail or something like that, so I'm relived to know he's healthy and handsome :) As of Wednesday, he weighed 12 wonderful ounces!
Missing: I just miss being able to pick whatever I want out of my closet, put it on, and look decent. This morning was a struggle as I tried to find something to wear that would be comfortable in the heat but still look nice. Pretty much I've decided it's impossible and that I just need to embrace looking Amish. I'm convinced that's who designs maternity shorts.
Movement: Jason felt him move for the first time this past week!
Cravings: Whatever I happen to want at any given moment I consider a craving ;) Really I don't crave specific things that often, but I do need to eat about every 4 hours or I start feeling weak and sickly.
Food Aversions: Nope, I'm not picky.
Symptoms: Does my ever-growing belly count as a symptom? Because that's about it these days!
Showing yet: Yep!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Thankfully no!
Belly Button In or Out: In at the moment, but getting more and more shallow. I'm positive I'll have an outie by the end of this.
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to registering next weekend.
Milestones: Now when I look at my pregnancy calendar there are more weeks done that we have to go!

June 18, 2013

20 Weeks

How Far Along: 20 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I've decided I'm only going to weigh at the doctor's office now to save my sanity! 
Maternity Clothes: I got even MORE maternity clothes from another friend this past week! Thank you Lindsey!!!
Sleep: I seem to be sleeping better, but my growing belly makes getting comfortable a bit of a challenge.
Stretch Marks: Thankfully I have avoided these so far! I'm using Palmer's lotion in hopes that they stay away!
Highlight of the Week: The nursery is starting to come together! Jason has been working so hard to get the furniture put together and he even surprised me by getting the quilt that matches the baby's bedding from Pottery Barn :) It finally looks like a baby is going to live at our house soon and I love it! We also got a TON of clothes from a friend of ours, so that was a huge blessing! 
Missing: Nothing. I love being pregnant!
Movement: He's getting stronger every day!
Cravings: I think the days of strong cravings may be in the past now.
Food Aversions: Never really had any, and still don't.
Symptoms: My skin breaking out is the worst one still. Other than that I feel great!
Showing yet: Yep, and I'm proud of it :)
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: Seeing our little man again tomorrow at our 20 week ultrasound.
Milestones: WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!! And we have announced his name...

We can't wait to meet you Sawyer Scott Hyatt!

June 11, 2013

19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 12 pounds according to my scale. I know it's normal and within the healthy range, but I'm not exactly thrilled about seeing those numbers on the scale. 
Maternity Clothes: I got three big bags of clothes from a friend this past week and it was like Christmas morning trying them all on! (Well, for me anyway...I'm not sure Jason was as excited as I was about the fashion show I was putting on while he was trying to play PlayStation. He must love me!) Now I have way more options and don't have to wear the same few things over and over. Thank you so much, Emily!!!
Sleep: I have more energy, so I can stay up later and I wake up more refreshed, but lately that's meant I have trouble falling asleep. Two nights ago I just lay there and lay there to no avail until about 2:30 in the morning. Not fun. Sleep is also getting increasingly more uncomfortable, because my belly falls over to one side when I lie on my side and it supposedly will crush me if I lie on my back. Lying on my stomach is totally out of the question. (Sidenote: I had to look up how to use lay/lie, so I'm hoping it's right. Don't judge me!)
Stretch Marks: Not a single one
Highlight of the Week: I had a lot of highlights this week! We had dinner with friends two nights, the expo was going on over the weekend, the baby's bedding came in, and Jason and I were able to attend one of my good friend's wedding on Saturday. It was a really good week!
Missing: being in the 120s on the scale
Movement: All the time!
Cravings: Eh, nothing particular this week. Although, McDonald's caffeine free diet Cokes are pretty tasty when I get tired of drinking water, apple juice, and milk.
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: Acne, acne, acne. So unattractive.
Showing yet: Yes
Gender: Bouncing baby boy
Labor Signs: No way!
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: Being halfway done at 20 weeks next week and decorating his nursery. Now that his bedding is in I want to get the furniture and artwork and toys and all the fun nursery things!
Milestones: He's half a pound now! (Which makes me wonder...what the heck are the other 11.5 pounds for!?)

June 04, 2013

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I haven't weighed this week because it just depresses me.
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable. Sleeping on my stomach is totally impossible now, and sleeping on my back is getting there. I know I should sleep on my left side, which I try to do, but I move around a lot. I'm also waking up at the first sign of light, which is about 30 minutes before my alarm goes off. I don't have enough time to go back to sleep, but I also don't want to get up that early!
Stretch Marks: Still nothing, thank goodness!
Highlight of the Week: feeling him KICK! I felt him wiggle around a couple weeks ago, but now he is distinctly kicking me and I love it!
Missing: Being able to sleep however I want
Movement: Oh yes! He's definitely getting stronger!
Cravings: Same as usual, but I have made an effort to start eating healthier. I am scared to death of getting gestational diabetes and having a whopper of a baby like I was.
Food Aversions: Nothing really
Symptoms: If I bend down it feels like all the blood rushes to my head and it really hurts.
Showing yet: Yes
Gender: IT'S A BOY!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: Starting on his nursery, the EXPO this weekend, and going to my friend's wedding on Saturday
Milestones: Feeling him kick for the first time on May 31