July 30, 2013

26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 23 pounds...so I've only gained one pound since my horrible doctor's appointment which was almost 2 weeks ago!
Maternity Clothes: It's all maternity, all the time around here.
Sleep: I've gotten to the point of always having a pillow under my leg/belly when I'm curled up, and that's pretty comfy. No fancy snoogles for this girl!
Stretch Marks: Staying away for the time being. Maybe I'll get lucky?
Highlight of the Week: I was pretty excited to have only gained one pound...does that count?
Missing: I miss being able to wear my shorts and I miss feeling like I look attractive. Most mornings I feel like Mia Thermopolis:
But at the same time I'm also starting to realize I only have 14 weeks left, so I'm trying to savor being pregnant.
Movement: I feel like I say this every week, but he really does move more and more with each passing day. I can tell that pretty soon he's going to start kicking me and making it hurt!
Cravings: Not really craving anything in particular. Although I was desperate for some lemonade when Jason and I were in Louisville this past weekend...too bad it was a Sunday and Chick-fil-a was closed!
Food Aversions: Nothing new to report.
Symptoms: I've been a little more emotional than usual for the past few weeks. And it's getting harder to get comfortable sitting, standing, sleeping, etc. But other than that, I really feel great! I'm almost afraid I'm going to jinx myself!
Showing: According to one of my pregnancy apps, my uterus is now the size of  a basketball. I believe it!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: The saga continues...It still isn't completely out yet, and in fact sometimes it's just flat. Flat is better than crater-like, so I'm not complaining.
Wedding Rings On or Off: They still fit, barely, but to be safe I'm wearing my fake one from here on out. I would hate to have to have my wedding rings cut off!
Most looking forward to: My last wedding at work is Saturday! Woo hoo!
Milestones: He has opened his eyes and can see now! He's also about 15 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds.

July 23, 2013

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I'm up 22 pounds as of this morning. The healthy range is up to 35 pounds, so as long as I can stay at or under that, I'll be happy.
Maternity Clothes: Mom got me a new dress that I am excited to wear!
Sleep: I'm doing okay comfort-wise, but I've started to wake up to pee again. I thought I was out of the woods there, but I guess not.
Stretch Marks: Still staying away, thank goodness.
Highlight of the Week: Saturday was a lot of fun. Jason and I finished up our registries at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby and then we went to see The Hangover Part 3. It was a good day :) Plus yesterday was exciting for anglophiles like me, because Kate Middleton had her baby! (Nerd Fact: It's the first time in British history that there have been 4 people in direct line to the throne alive at the same time.)
Missing: Nothing really. I'm trying to enjoy being pregnant since I only have 15 weeks left!
Movement: He apparently loves movies because he wiggles like a wild child when I'm watching one. The other night Jason and I could see my belly move as he was squirming around in there!
Cravings: These past two weeks I've been making a much better effort to eat healthy, so naturally I crave all the unhealthy things. I am doing well at resisting though! If I had to pick one craving it would still be pumpkin flavored things! I can't wait for Starbucks to start serving their Pumpkin Spice Latte. So good.
Food Aversions: None. I guess I'm not going to have any. Too bad I can't have an aversion to carbs, sugar and sodium!
Symptoms: The usual. My main symptom is just my belly getting in the way. Sometimes I forget about it and run into things because I'm still not used to having all this extra belly poking out!
Showing: Yep
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: Well...I don't even know anymore. It's the strangest thing. It continues to be crater-like and I won't call it an outie until the whole thing is out. It's in belly button purgatory at the moment.
Wedding Rings On or Off: They started getting a little snug this past week so I went ahead and took them off to be safe. On Saturday I got a fake one in a larger size from the classy establishment that is Claire's. All things considered, it looks pretty good.
Most looking forward to: August 10! Not only because it's my birthday, but also because I'll be done with weddings at work by then AND I'll be in the 3rd trimester!
Milestones: I'm 5/8 of the way done!

July 16, 2013

Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions

I know I've been doing the weekly updates on my pregnancy, but I feel like just answering those questions leaves out a lot. So here are some other things that have been going on or are important to me: 

I really want to have a natural birth. Just yesterday my book on The Bradley Method came in and I can't wait to devour it so I can be best prepared. Right now my mindset is that I will accept medication only if it is legitimately medically necessary for the my health or the health of my baby. Please understand that by no means whatsoever am I condemning those who were induced or got an epidural or had a c-section! I have just heard a lot of great things about natural childbirth and am excited to try it. Right now I just really want to see the midwife that everyone I know recommends, because I hear she is absolutely amazing and very supportive of mamas who want to give birth naturally. I scheduled my appointment for tomorrow with her, but just found out yesterday that she is on vacation. Boo. I am bound and determined to see her at my 28 week appointment though! I really hope it's not too late to form a good relationship with her so that she'll be the one who delivers my baby. My fingers and toes are crossed!

I am not a fan of my body changing. You know the old saying that you don't know what you've got til it's gone? That is exactly how I feel. 

I wanted to only gain the minimum of what the doctor said was the healthy range (25-35 pounds) but I am well on my way to reaching the top. Ugh. I'm scared to death that I will find out tomorrow that I have gestational diabetes, since tomorrow is my glucola test. I had a breakdown the other night because I was convinced that he would end up being 17 pounds and I wouldn't get to have the natural birth I want because I'm a bad mom who only feeds her unborn child carbs and sugar. If being pregnant doesn't inspire me to eat the healthy all the time and exercise like crazy, then I must be the most selfish, lazy slob in the world! That's how I was feeling the other day anyway. It doesn't help either when your husband has ultra-fast metabolism and hasn't got an ounce of fat on his body. Being married to a fine human specimen is fabulous until you start to wonder if you're the couple that people look at and think, "how did that girl get that guy?!"

As you can see, I'm not doing well with the body changes. I hesitated at first to even share all of this, but I think it's important to be real and not pretend that pregnancy is all roses and butterflies. When I read other pregnant lady blogs the ones who act like everything is perfect just make me feel worse. So, I'll be honest and say it's hard watching my body change! Thankfully when I feel him moving I know it's all more than worth it. I just hope I can get back to my old self (and into my old jeans) as soon as possible!

On a happier note, we are almost finished with the nursery! It is coming together perfectly and I am beyond thankful for all of Jason's hard work. We are alike in that once we start something we want to finish it as fast as we can. So, he's been working incredibly hard to finish up project after project so that the room will be done in plenty of time. The main colors are white, navy, red and baby blue. I'm trying to achieve a preppy, New England kind of feel without the room becoming "theme-y." Once we are all done I'll post plenty of pictures :)

That's all for now! Everyone say a little prayer that I pass the glucola test tomorrow and don't have gestational diabetes! (And maybe say an extra prayer that if I do, I won't crash onto the jagged rocks of despair!)

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I made the horrible mistake of weighing myself the other day and  I've gained about 20 pounds. I know it's within the healthy range, but still, yikes! It's pretty much all in the front, but I still hate seeing those numbers on the scale. If this is a test of my body image, I'm failing miserably because I am not at all a fan of gaining weight.
Maternity Clothes: It's hot. And most of my clothes are pants and long sleeved shirts. So, if you see me in the same outfit multiple times in a row, don't judge me!
Sleep: It's not so bad. I've started waking up to pee at night again, but I'm so used to it at this point that often times the next day I can't remember if I woke up to pee or not. I'm like a bathroom zombie.
Stretch Marks: Nothing yet...
Highlight of the Week: On Thursday night Jason took me on a date! We went out to dinner at the new La Fiesta downtown, which I had been wanting to try forever. Their salsa is AMAZING! Then we went to see Monster's University, which was really cute. I love going on dates, so it was a lot of fun :) Thank you, babe!
Missing: Same old, same old. Just missing having more clothing options for when it's HOT outside. But overall I still love being pregnant!
Movement: More and more every day. Love it!
Cravings: Milk! I drank almost a whole gallon by myself in like three days. Yum.
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: The newest one is leg cramps. Holy moly! I've had them twice this week and both times it woke me up. I think I scared Jason to death last night with my writhing around and yelping.
Showing: Definitely no hiding it now!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope, not even Braxton Hicks contractions, which I am glad about.
Belly Button In or Out: After careful consideration, I've decided it looks like a crater. The edges of it definitely protrude, but the middle part is still inside. Very strange.
Wedding Rings On or Off: On, but I think the time is quickly approaching to retire them. I'm considering getting a huge, fake replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring to wear after mine get too tight. Good idea, right? Just kidding, but I will want to wear something so it's still obvious that I'm married.
Most looking forward to: I'm still looking forward to being done with weddings (just 2 more to go!) and I'm excited about starting the 3rd trimester in a few more weeks.
Milestones: This might seem like an odd thing to be excited about, but at 24 weeks he actually has a decent shot at surviving if he were to be born right now. Obviously I hope he keeps cooking until he's all done, but it's reassuring to know that from here on out he's more and more likely to be okay if he's born early.

July 09, 2013

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I don't know how much exactly, but I can tell my belly is starting to stretch. I'm actually glad because I think it looks better the more pregnant I get.
Maternity Clothes: Wishing I had more dresses. I practically live in dresses in the summer and now I only have a couple that I can still squeeze into.
Sleep: I'm actually sleeping pretty well. Can't complain!
Stretch Marks: Still none!
Highlight of the Week: It was so nice to be home with Jason on July 4th and last Saturday. We got more done on the nursery, so that was good. Honestly I just enjoyed spending time with him :) I love that man!
Missing: I sort of miss having more clothes to wear, but mainly just when it comes to dresses and shorts. I'm thankful this summer hasn't been too terribly hot so far, so I can get away with wearing my jeans without melting into a puddle.
Movement: He's getting stronger and can startle me when he gets a really good kick in. He has also figured out how to kick me right in the bladder, so I go to the bathroom if I even think I might have to pee, because if I don't and he kicks me in the right spot it is bad news.
Cravings: My craving for milk has come back with a vengeance! I'm starting to get heartburn and drinking milk makes me feel better.
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: Heartburn started this week...maybe that means he'll have lots of hair! I've also started to notice my bladder isn't as strong as it once was...especially when I sneeze!
Showing: More and more each day. I'm proud of my baby bump :)
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button In or Out: This is a tough one. The main part of it is still in, but the edges are starting to poke out, especially at the top and especially if I laugh or flex my stomach in any way. Examining  my ever-changing belly button has become a favorite pastime of mine, just ask Jason!
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: Being done with weddings at work. My last one is August 3, so I can see the light! Then all the fun stuff starts, like my birthday, baby showers and our anniversary!
Milestones: Depending on what site you look at, Sawyer is the size of an eggplant or grapefruit and his face is fully formed!

July 03, 2013

22 Weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Somewhere around 15 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I'm hoping to find some cute dresses to wear to my showers :)
Sleep: I am getting better about sleeping on my side!
Stretch Marks: I still don't have any...yet.
Highlight of the Week: We've been working on his nursery a lot this week, so it's been fun watching it start to come together. I am SO thankful for Jason's hard work!
Missing: Nothing really. I'm too busy getting excited for him to get here to miss anything!
Movement: I think he's learning to do flips! And it is so much fun when I can see my belly move!
Cravings: Eh, nothing specific. I like ice cream, but who doesn't in the summer?
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: Still fighting with the acne. Ugh.
Showing yet: Yep! Now strangers will ask me when I'm due, which I take to mean I look pregnant enough for them to be confident that I'm not just fat :)
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: It's still hanging on to it's innie-hood, but barely!
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Most looking forward to: Having July 4 off work AND not having to work a wedding this weekend. I get to actually spend time with my husband!
Milestones: He weighs one whole pound! As for me, I started grad school yesterday. That way, when he's older and I'm ready to start working again I can be a teacher :)