August 06, 2013

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I'm up 26 pounds as of this morning. I'm still hoping and praying to not go over 35, but we shall see.
Maternity Clothes: My aunt sent me some dresses that will be great for work, so I'm very thankful!
Sleep: I'm still doing pretty well as far as sleep goes. I can tell that my energy is starting to wane though. I'm not exhausted like I was in the first trimester, but I get physically worn out faster now.
Stretch Marks: Still none!
Highlight of the Week: We bought a van! It's a 2007 Honda Odyssey Touring and I love it! It makes me feel like I'm officially a mom now that I  have what I like to call my "mama mini." It's been fun playing with all the cool features and learning how to use everything. Most importantly though, I'm glad we now have a vehicle we can fit Sawyer's car seat into comfortably and safely, as well as another car seat once he (hopefully) has a brother or sister.
Missing: I'm not missing much these days. I'm trying to focus on enjoying the rest of my pregnancy.
Movement: He's crazy in there! I can feel arms and legs and knees and elbows and who knows what else trying to escape straight through my stomach. Sometimes it feels like he just gets fed up with being squished in there, so he tries to stretch out as far as he can!
Cravings: I don't really have any. I've been chewing a lot of cinnamon gum lately if that counts. It's mainly in an effort to eat less candy though ;)
Food Aversions: Never had them and don't think I ever will.
Symptoms: Just getting worn out quicker than I used to. It's also hard to get comfortable, especially after I eat when my full tummy is competing with Sawyer for room.
Showing: Yep
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: The crater is getting closer and closer to becoming a full blown outie. Stay tuned...
Wedding Rings On or Off: Off, and I miss them. The fake one looks fine, but it's just not the same.
Most looking forward to: My birthday is on Saturday!
Milestones: Depending on which book you read, I'm in my third trimester now! I'm counting it!