August 13, 2013

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I only gained one pound this week! That puts me at 27 pounds total. I have 12 more weeks and only want to gain 8 more pounds max...we'll see how that goes.
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new to report here. I'm ready for the weather to cool down so I can start rotating in some of my long sleeved tops and sweaters.
Sleep: I'm doing marginally better in this category. Jason had to sleep downstairs on the couch after his surgery, but now that he's back in the bed I sleep better because I'm not worried about him.
Stretch Marks: Hallelujah! I've made it to the third trimester without a single one! I'm hoping I'll get lucky and avoid them altogether!
Highlight of the Week: I turned 23 on Saturday! Happy birthday to me! You know you are getting old when you are excited about ordering floor mats for your van with your birthday money :) (But really, I can't wait for them to come in.) Jason was still recovering on my birthday, so we just had a little impromptu get together at our house with my mom, my brother, my granny and his mom. It was a good day.
Missing: Nothing really. If I had to pick something I'd say I miss being able to move quickly, since it takes me a while to get up. It's really sinking in that I only have 12 more weeks left with my baby inside me and I want to soak it all in before he's born and the madness begins.
Movement: He's still my little karate kid. It doesn't hurt though and I really like to feel him move, which he does pretty much 24/7 these days.
Cravings: None really.
Food Aversions: Never had them and don't think I ever will.
Symptoms: No symptoms really, other than that I feel enormous. I feel like my belly (and ta-tas) are collapsing in on me when I sit down for too long, so I have to lean back to keep them from suffocating me!
Showing: Yep
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: Mostly out, but the innermost part is still holding on for dear life.
Wedding Rings On or Off: Off :( I could probably still wear them, but I don't want to risk it. I still try them on about once a week to evaluate the situation.
Most looking forward to: I'm most looking forward to my first baby shower in Owensboro. It's just 18 days away!
Milestones: I'm definitely in the third trimester now! Only 12 weeks to go!

***For those of you who have been following along with my gestational diabetes saga, I have to take the 1 hour test again on Thursday. I passed at my 24 week appointment, but since I was close and it was early they are having me take it again. Please say a prayer that I will pass it again because I don't want to have to take the 3 hour test!

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