September 24, 2013

34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Oh darn, I forgot to weigh myself this morning!
Maternity Clothes: I have come to the sad realization that some of the long sleeved shirts I've been waiting to wear don't fit :( The weather is finally getting cooler, but my belly is too big! I figure I just have to look presentable for a few more weeks until I stop working and then it's anything goes!
Sleep: I'm so uncomfortable. There is no sleep position that doesn't hurt, so it's a lost cause at this point.
Stretch Marks: Still none, praise the Lord!
Highlight of the Week: Sunday was our 1st anniversary! I love that we've been married for a year now and I had such a good time celebrating with Jason. On Saturday, we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Boyd Orchards, made Sawyer a Build-A-Bear (that I hope becomes his favorite stuffed animal--no pressure), and ate dinner at PF Chang's, which is where we ate after our first date almost exactly 3 years ago. Then on Sunday we ate the top layer of our wedding cake, drank the bottle of Ale-8 I saved from our toasts, looked at our wedding album, and read over our vows again. It was a perfect weekend and I am thrilled that I've been Mrs. Hyatt for a whole year! I love my husband SO much!
Missing: I really don't miss much, aside from not hurting. There's a really, really sore spot on my ribs, so I miss the days when I didn't have that to deal with.
Movement: Still going strong! Lack of space is of no concern to him; he will just shove things out of his way!
Cravings: The usual, milk and fall flavored things.
Food Aversions: None
Symptoms: The sore spot on the top of my ribs on my right side hurts SO BAD. It hurts 24/7 and there's nothing I can do to make it go away. Sorry if it's TMI, but wearing a bra is unbelievably painful because the wire/band of it rubs directly on the sore spot all day long. By the end of the day it's somehow numb and incredibly tender at the same time. That's definitely my worst symptom, but I also get winded easily and my feet swell if I stand up for a long time. 
Showing: Yep
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button In or Out: Out
Wedding Rings On or Off: Off
Most looking forward to: Next week, because we've got 3 baby showers! Jason's office is throwing us one, the ladies that I work with are having a little lunch mini shower for me, and then the shower my friend Julia has been planning for the church ladies is on Sunday. I can't wait! I feel like there is so much we still need, so I'm hoping I will feel more at ease after the rest of my showers.
Milestones: According to one of my apps, his organs are all functioning now and all he's got to do is fatten up and get locked and loaded for delivery. He should be "dropping" very soon if he hasn't already.

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