September 30, 2013

One year down...LOTS more to go!

Last weekend, Jason and I celebrated our first year of wedded bliss! 
Saturday we went on a date to Boyd Orchard's, PF Chang's and Build-A-Bear, and then Sunday we ate the top layer of our wedding cake, which was surprisingly edible! It was a fantastic weekend, and it was SO nice to spend quality date time with my husband before the wee one arrives.

Boyd Orchard's
 Neither of us had ever been there, but I stumbled upon their website and found out that they were having a Scarecrow Festival the weekend of our anniversary. I love all things fall, so it was right up my alley! They had hayrides, a corn maze, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, some cool slides, a fun looking playground, a petting zoo, live music, and a cute store complete with a snack bar type thing where I got a very delicious apple cider slushie :)

After the orchard, we headed to Lexington to do something I had been wanting to do for months...make our little guy a teddy bear! I have these hopes and dreams that it will be his most treasured toy, since we made it for him, but I'm sure he will end up preferring some McDonald's toy...oh well! It was so special to pick out the bear we wanted to make, help stuff him, and send our good wishes for Sawyer to the little heart we put inside the bear before he was all sewed up. Once he was ready, we brushed his fur out, dressed him in a sweet little red pocket tee, and named him Henry :) I can't wait for Sawyer to play with him!

Finally, after Henry the bear was safely tucked away back in the car, Jason and I had dinner at the same restaurant he took me to on our very first date: PF Chang's. It was romantic to think about how the times have changed since that day three years ago. I wonder what we would have thought if someone had come up to us and told us that in three years time we'd be back at PF Chang's celebrating our first anniversary and 34 weeks pregnant! 

On Sunday, the celebration continued! We ate a piece of our wedding cake and drank the last bottle of Ale 8 that was saved from the same package as the ones we used to toast with. 

It was fun doing those traditional first anniversary things, but my favorite part was looking at our wedding album and reading over our vows. It's so important to remember the promises we made to each other and as a person whose love language is words of affirmation, it meant a lot to me.

Our first anniversary was absolutely wonderful and I am so looking forward to all the years to come...
especially as our family grows!

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