October 08, 2013

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I don't even want to know at this point. I figure I'll weigh myself right before I head to the hospital so I'll know what the total damage was, but until then all weighing myself does is put me in a bad mood.
Maternity Clothes: It's getting rough. I feel bad for Jason because by the time he gets home I'm doing well to be dressed in my undies and a huge t-shirt, so he doesn't get to come home to a pretty wife anymore. Yesterday I kept the clothes I wore to work on until about 8:30 which was probably a third trimester record. I will be SO glad to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again!
Sleep: Eh. It's been better, but it's also been worse. I'm careful to drink only milk before bed and I keep my tums at the ready on my night stand.
Stretch Marks: Still staying away, probably because God's taking pity on me. He must know that getting stretch marks would send my self-esteem crashing onto the jagged rocks of despair.
Highlight of the Week: Baby showers galore! We had a shower at Jason's office on Wednesday, a shower at church on Sunday, and today I'm going to lunch with the ladies who work across the hall from me for a little shindig as well. We are so, so grateful to have so many people in our lives who love us and are helping us get ready for little buddy to get here. THANK YOU!!! We also got to take our maternity pictures, thanks to my friend Julia, so that was a ton of fun too. Plus, I think they turned out great!
Missing: I don't really miss much, aside from being able to wear whatever I want out of my closet. It's kind of like being in the first trimester when my pre-pregnancy clothes were tight, but it wasn't time for maternity clothes yet. Only now, my maternity clothes are tight and it's not time for my pre-pregnancy clothes yet!
Movement: Starting to decrease a little. He still squirms, but I guess he finally got so squished that he decided pushing my organs around just wasn't worth it. I think he may have dropped, but that could just be wishful thinking. His butt used to be higher, and now it seems to be hovering around my belly button area.
Cravings: Anything I don't have to cook! Not really, but I'm tired a lot and trying to think of what to do for dinner or what to bring for lunch is a lot of effort. Poor Jason is probably getting tired of cereal, sandwiches, and ramen noodles.
Food Aversions: None.
Symptoms: Heartburn, getting short of breath, being enormous. Also my hands sometimes fall asleep at night, which is weird.
Showing: Yep
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None yet. I'm on the lookout though!
Belly Button In or Out: Out
Wedding Rings On or Off: Off, and I really miss them.
Most looking forward to: Being FULL TERM next week!
Milestones: He's starting to shed his lanugo and vernix, so he'll be smooth and soft when he's born.

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