May 15, 2014

Month Six

Somehow, my sweet, delicate newborn baby is an energetic, chunky six month old! That's halfway to a year, folks! He's getting to be more and more fun as he gets older and his personality is really starting to shine through. He's a ham and loves meeting new people, which is good because everywhere we go he is fawned over! He just eats it up, too! He is such a happy baby and I am so looking forward to the little boy he is quickly growing into. My heart is bursting at the seams!
  • 1st Easter--he loved meeting the Easter bunny!
  • can drink from his sippy cup and out of a straw
  • likes to put his feet in his mouth
  • he's a pro at rolling wherever he wants to go
  • likes to pull Mommy's hair
  • no more swing! 
  • went to Book Babies at the library for the first time
  • started sleeping through the night! (thank you, Ferber method!)
  • weighs 18 pounds and is 26 3/4 inches tall
  • ate rice cereal for the first time the day he turned six months old
  • was dedicated at church on Mother's Day
  • can sit on his own as long as we are there to catch him when he eventually falls

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