August 13, 2014

Month Nine

Sawyer is 9 months old! He's been a busy little guy this month; he started crawling, pulling up, and cut his first tooth! If I thought he looked like a little boy before, I had no idea what I was in for once he started pulling up. It's amazing how big he looks when he's standing! He is still an incredibly easy baby and I absolutely love being his mom. I know motherhood is what I was meant to do, which is such a cool feeling. Sawyer brings me more joy than I could ever explain. I love my little man!

P.S. He thinks the sticker he's supposed to wear in his monthly photos is a toy, so we didn't manage to get any pictures of him with it on this month. Oh well...we still took tons of photos!

  • started crawling on July 14
  • pulls up on everything (we had to lower his crib twice this month!)
  • loves to play "Where's Sawyer?" by covering his face with a blanket and pulling it off
  • growls
  • thinks Mommy and Daddy are his own personal jungle gym
  • can imitate noises, including "dada" (but he doesn't know what it means yet)
  • takes morning (9-11am) and afternoon (2-4pm) naps
  • sleeps from about 8:30pm to 7am at night
  • likes getting into things he's not supposed to, especially opening the fireplace doors
  • loves remotes and phones!
  • bobs his head, "sings" and dances
  • kicks his legs when he's excited
  • loves books
  • cut his 1st tooth (his bottom middle left one) on August 10 (Mommy's birthday!)
  • weighs 19.82 pounds
  • 27 inches tall
  • will eat anything
  • rubs his head/plays with his hair when he's sleepy
  • sucks his thumb...only his left thumb though!

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