September 29, 2014

Month Ten

Our little guy is 10 months old! He’s getting braver every day and I think he will attempt standing on his own and even walking soon. He’s changed a lot this past month and seems like much more of a toddler now. Jason and I love watching him grow up!

.      Enjoys playing with doorstoppers, which he is not supposed to do!
.      Loves to climb up the stairs
.      Cruises around the furniture
.      Can push his walking toys
.      Can point out Mickey Mouse and his Little People doggy
.      Eats mainly finger foods--loves chicken nuggets and hot dogs
.      Still loves to play “Where’s Sawyer” by covering up his face
.      Still growls, which is hilarious!
.      Stashes food in the sides of his high chair
.      Loves to play with his Fridge Phonics alphabet magnets
.      Hates having his diaper changed, especially at bed time

1 comment:

  1. He's just gorgeous! Changing so much and so precious... Can't wait to see him and hug him (if I can catch him :)