October 15, 2014

11 Months

Sawyer is 11 months old! Just one more short month to go until he turns the big O-N-E! I can't believe that we are in the home stretch of his babyhood. I absolutely love watching him grow up, but there is a part of me that is going to be sad when my baby boy officially becomes a toddler. That being said, preparations are in full swing for his birthday party and I'm so excited for him! He is such a ham so I anticipate him basking in all the attention!
He is such a funny little guy and is a complete joy to be around. He's rarely ever upset and is a fantastic sleeper and eater. He loves standing up and pushing his toys around so I think walking is just around the corner!
  • can wave on command
  • went to his 1st family reunion in Owensboro
  • still loves to play in the curtains
  • 1st overnight trip to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for Mommy and Daddy's 2nd anniversary
  • favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel
  • 1st parade (Georgetown's Festival of the Horse)
  • snuggly when he wakes up and will often give hugs
  • gives high fives
  • can shake his head "no"
  • has 2 teeth (bottom middle)
  • likes to rub people's hair when they are holding him
  • rubs his head/ plays with his hair when he is sleepy or nursing
  • can drink from a straw
  • is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

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