October 27, 2014

16 Weeks

Weight Gain: +4
Maternity Clothes: Yep
Sleep: Not great, not horrible. I get thirsty, but drinking water at night gives me heartburn. I also roll over a lot, which is annoying. And someone around here has decided that 6am is a great time to wake up and start the day...
Stretch Marks: None
Highlight of the Week: Black Cat Chase and finding out the baby's gender
Missing: Energy
Movement: I don't feel much, but a few times I have definitely felt the baby! I can't wait til it is more consistent. I absolutely love feeling my baby move!
Cravings: Mexican food, McDonald's breakfast, Subway
Symptoms: Not many any more besides a few headaches here and there and still being tired a lot
Showing: Yep, and I'm looking forward to having a bigger bump!
Gender: We know, but it's still a secret until Jason tells the folks at his office
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: In, although it is struggling already. I have a weird bellybutton to begin with and Sawyer didn't help matters any!
Wedding Rings: On
Most Looking Forward To: Announcing the baby's gender, passing out candy for Halloween, decorating the nursery, deciding on a name
Milestones: Baby can hear!

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  1. So fun!! Glad you are feeling well! Can't wait to hear the gender!