October 09, 2014

Baby Hyatt #2 Is On The Way!

Jason and I are excited to announce that our family will be growing this spring! We have known for what seems like forever, so I am so glad the news is finally out. Now I can stop trying to hide my bump and start showing it off :) We knew we wanted our children close together and we are thrilled that they will only be 17 months apart! 
Like last time, I will be doing these little surveys as well as taking bump photos to document my pregnancy. I'll be doing both on a bi-weekly basis and I started about a month ago at 10 weeks. Unfortunately, my 10 weeks photo accidently got deleted, so my bump pictures start at 12 weeks. I feel bad that I started much earlier with my first pregnancy, but I didn't really want to document my 4-8 week "baby" bump that was mostly just postpartum fluff!

10 Weeks

Weight Gain: None, unless you count the 12 pounds I never got around to losing after Sawyer was born.
Maternity Clothes: I’ve already started wearing my maternity jeans because it is actually easier to hide the bump in them than in my regular jeans!
Sleep: It’s going okay at night other than that I get really hot. I usually try to sleep during Sawyer’s naps too because I’m so exhausted.
Stretch Marks: None. A few showed up after Sawyer was born, but they seem to have gone away.
Highlight of the Week: Getting to see the baby at our ultrasound at 9 weeks 4 days! It had a strong heartbeat at 174 bpm and was wiggling around showing off for us! I’ve been through this whole pregnancy thing once already, but still it feels like a miracle to see a tiny human on that screen.
Missing: Energy
Movement: It’s moving in there, but I can’t feel it yet.
Symptoms: Mainly just fatigue. I’m not sure if it’s because I chase Sawyer around all day or if it really is worse this time around, but I am exhausted almost all the time. Thankfully, I haven’t been as sick with this one though. I have only gotten sick twice, although I usually start feeling yucky around 4pm every day.
Showing: Despite the fact that I haven’t gained any weight, I can definitely tell there’s a bump there. It’s more like a pooch than a bump, but I’ll take a pregnancy pooch over a postpartum pooch any day!
Gender: We don’t know, but I’ve had two dreams that it’s a girl.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: In
Wedding Rings: On
Most Looking Forward To: Making our announcement so I can stop trying to hide it and start flaunting it! I love being pregnant!
Milestones: According to one of my pregnancy apps, all of the baby’s vital organs have formed already and he or she is growing fingernails. Also, now that we have seen and heard the heartbeat, the risk of something going wrong is dramatically reduced to somewhere around 2 percent.

12 Weeks

Weight Gain: none
Maternity Clothes: yes and no; I wear them when I can, but since we haven’t announced yet I still try to squeeze into my regular clothes too
Sleep: I’ve been having wild dreams!
Stretch Marks: no
Highlight of the Week: going on our first trip as a family to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge to celebrate our 2nd anniversary
Missing: nothing really
Movement: sometimes I think I feel flutters, but it is so early it’s hard to tell
Cravings: my biggest craving this week was chicken fried rice from Thai Smile—it did not disappoint!
Symptoms: still tired and still feeling gross in the evenings. I also puked again this week and simultaneously peed in my pants, so that was a blast.
Showing: just a little
Gender: don’t know
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button: in
Wedding Rings: on
Most Looking Forward To: our next appointment so we can announce!
Milestones: depending on who you ask, 12 weeks is the end of the 1st trimester
Big Brother Sawyer doesn't really know what's going on, but he's excited nonetheless!

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