February 14, 2015

32 Weeks

Weight Gain: +30 Body image is has been a constant struggle of mine since getting pregnant with Sawyer but I am trying very hard to enjoy being pregnant and quit worrying about how I look. When I look back on my pregnancies I want to remember how miraculous it was that I created two lives with my body, not that I was vain and insecure and unhappy with the way I looked. I try to remind myself that I'll have plenty of time to work on my body after I am done having sweet babies! Sometimes I just feel bad for Jason that he only got a few good months with his pretty, thin wife before she became a vessel of life for the next couple years. Oh well, all for the cause :)
Maternity Clothes: I definitely prefer wearing leggings to jeans, but I have a few tops that I think look cute, so I am doing pretty well. At home I basically live in my undies and an oversized tee though!
Sleep: Lately I have been having a pain on the right side of my back/side. I think I pulled something rolling over to kiss Jason goodnight a week or so ago and it hasn't healed. If I put a heating pad on it, it feels a little better, but I can only do that for 20 minutes at a time. I also get really sore on my right side just under my ribs if I lay on that side too long, which I found out is because that's where little buddy's head is!
Stretch Marks: I thought I spotted one the other day, but apparently it was a false alarm because it went away and hasn't returned. I am so thankful not to have stretch marks!
Highlight of the Week: Today was the highlight of the past tow weeks for me. It's Valentine's Day! Mom and Dad took Sawyer to Owensboro to celebrate the February birthdays in the family, so Jason and I had the whole day to ourselves. He took me to see the movie Interstellar, which we both thought was really good, and then on our 3rd annual trip to White Castle for Valentine's dinner. We got home just in time to hang out with Sawyer for a few minutes before it was time for him to go to bed and he was so snuggly and sweet :) He has recently learned how to give kisses and he gave me three or four tonight before bed! My heart could burst with the love I feel for him, Jason and the baby. I love those three boys more than I could ever explain!
Missing: Energy and range of motion. Chasing after a toddler is hard to do when you can barely bend over!
Movement: I found out at my last appointment that the baby is breech, with his head up by my right ribcage. In order for me to be able to deliver vaginally he needs to be head down, so I have been doing some spinning babies exercises in hopes that he will flip. Two nights ago he started to really move around to the point that it was hurting me, and I think he may have moved to a transverse position with his head on my left side and his butt on my right side where his head used to be. It's still not ideal, but it is an improvement! I desperately want to have a natural birth this time, so I am praying that he will flip soon. There's not much I can do besides trust God, so I am trying my best to do that. It would be so disappointing though if I ended up with a scheduled C-section for a breech baby after all our preparations for a natural birth.
Cravings: milk, McDonald's sweet tea, Little Debbie Valentine's cakes, McDonald's breakfast
Symptoms: Heartburn, fatigue, being unusually emotional
Showing: Yes
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: Out
Wedding Rings: Off--they actually do still fit, but I only wear them on special occasions just in case
Most Looking Forward To: Having the nursery totally done! We just have one more thing we are waiting on to arrive and then we will be finished! On a totally unrelated note, I am really looking forward to babywearing more this time that I did with Sawyer. I know more of what I am doing now and I have more options as well. Last time I had a  mei tai and an ergo, both of which I really liked, and this time I have a maya wrap and a baby k'tan to add to the mix. I'm excited to try them out!
Milestones: There are less than 2 months until the baby gets here! I am definitely nesting at this point. I've started washing and organizing his clothes and getting out the little bitty baby stuff that brings back memories of when Sawyer was a newborn. I can't wait for him to get here so I can use all that stuff again! There is just something so wonderful about swaddle blankets, wubbanubs, and teeny tiny sleepers and onesies :)

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