February 05, 2015

Sawyer's BIG BOY Room!

Since Sawyer is going to be a big brother soon, Jason and I decided to move him into the biggest bedroom and let the new baby have Sawyer's old nursery. The baby will be using the same white furniture, but the nursery will have a totally different feel to it, which I love! It's not quite done yet, but when it is I will post about it as well. For now though, welcome to Sawyer's big boy room!

We were able to re-use almost all of the d├ęcor from his nursery, including the prints above the dresser and chest as well as his name over the crib. The crib is new, but the dresser and chest used to be in Jason's room when he was a little boy. The glider came from a yard sale this summer and Mom used it at her house until we commandeered it for Sawyer's new room. Thanks Mom! 

Santa Claus brought Sawyer the tent and he absolutely LOVES it! It's fun for me to go in there at night when I'm picking up his room and discover what all he has put in there throughout the day.

Jason and I bought the rug that is in his room now back in the summer of 2013 before Sawyer was even born! I love how it helps tie in all the bright colors and anchors the room. I'm not crazy about the slew of stuffed animals taking over the floor, but that's part of having a kiddo I suppose. I intended for them to fit nicely in the blue "S" bucket, but they seem to multiply when I'm not looking! He loves to play with them though, so I wanted to make sure they were easily accessible. The cutest bedroom in the world is no good if it isn't functional!

My favorite part of the room though has got to be the book display and toy storage. I love how bright, colorful, and inviting it is. Sawyer loves books, so I hope that as he gets older having them on display will encourage him to read even more. I also like how the cube storage piece consolidates his toys to one area, which makes it easier to clean up and organize at the end of the day.

All in all, I'm thrilled with how his room turned out.  I was nervous that his room might end up feeling thrown together after I had worked so hard on his nursery, but I absolutely love the finished product! He thinks he is big stuff now that his toys are in his room and he so enjoys playing in his very own big boy bedroom!

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