March 01, 2015

34 Weeks

Weight Gain: +35 I had hoped to gain less this time around, but it looks like I am staying right on track with my last pregnancy. It's a bit frustrating, but I am trying not to get too bent out of shape over it.
Maternity Clothes: It is certainly uncomfortable to wear jeans or anything else restrictive for long periods of time, but I am thankful that I have clothes that fit and that I like.
Sleep: I've been having nightmares lately, so that's no fun. I still wake up to use the bathroom at least once a night and I still wake up a few times to take a sip from my trusty Tervis tumbler as well. The newest addition to my nights is my consumption of Tums. I am so used to the bathroom, water and Tums breaks at this point though that they don't really bother me, so I am actually sleeping pretty well.
Stretch Marks: None, and I am extremely grateful. Like I said last time, the weight gain doesn't bother me as much if I can manage to avoid stretch marks.
Highlight of the Week: These past two weeks haven't been bad or anything, but nothing stands out as a highlight either. Sawyer got to play in the snow for the first time, I started a Bible reading plan, and the final piece of the nursery d├ęcor came in, so those all brightened my day. To be honest the highlights are more little things though like when Sawyer gives me kisses when he wakes up :) 
Missing: Part of me misses being about 20-30 weeks pregnant when I clearly looked pregnant but wasn't quite so large and uncomfortable. But on the other hand, I am happy to be just 6 weeks or so away from meeting my second son, so I wouldn't want to go back!
Movement: I believe he may have flipped, but I will have to wait until Tuesday to find out at my appointment with my midwife. He is still moving plenty, but I don't feel his head in my ribs like I used to. I have been experiencing "lightning crotch" (yes, that's a real term!) as well, which is a sign that the baby might be dropping and putting pressure on the nerves in my pelvis.
Cravings: same old, same old
Symptoms: heartburn still, overexerting myself and getting exhauseted
Showing: Yes
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button: Out
Wedding Rings: Off--they actually do still fit, but I only wear them on special occasions just in case
Most Looking Forward To: Assuming my breech baby flips, I am actually really looking forward to labor. I know what to expect this time around and I feel much more prepared. I am excited to give natural birth another try!
Milestones: 34 weeks! They say that once you hit 34 weeks, your baby has an excellent chance of being completely fine if it were born right this minute. The baby would have to spend a little time in the NICU, but would most likely end up with no long term health impairments. While I don't expect this one to come early, I am happy to know that if he did he would probably be okay.

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