April 05, 2015

39 Weeks: Full Term!

Weight Gain: A lot! Evidently I'm just one of those women who gains a lot of weight during pregnancy. Whatever!
Maternity Clothes: I busted out the dress I'd been saving for Easter today, but aside from that I'm dong well to be wearing clothes at all aside from panties and a sports bra.
Stretch Marks: There might be a few popping up on my lower tummy, but they are very faint.
Highlight of the Week: This week has been fun with basketball and Easter to distract me. Unfortunately UK lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four last night, but it was still fun anxiously awaiting the game. Also, we went to an Easter egg hunt yesterday with Sawyer and Gigi which was a good time as well. In fact, we are going to another one in just a few minutes!
Missing: I miss being cute pregnant. It's no longer, "Aww, you're going to have  baby!" Instead it's, "Oh my gosh! When are you doing to have that baby?!"
Movement: He hasn't been moving quite as much as before, which worried me, so they did an ultrasound at my last appointment to check on him. Turns out he's doing absolutely fine, but just doesn't have as much room to move around in anymore!
Cravings: Breakfast! I really want to get donuts or McDonald's every day for breakfast, but I don't. It just sounds SO good!
Symptoms: My hands, feet and face are starting to get more swollen, but aside from that I'm doing pretty well. I'm uncomfortable, but not in any pain really.
Showing: Yes
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: I'm now 3cm dilated and still 50% effaced. It's crazy to me that I am already that dilated, but I'm not complaining! For the past couple days I''ve had a few random, sporadic, light contractions, but nothing to get excited about yet.
Belly Button: Out
Wedding Rings: Off
Most Looking Forward To: I am really looking forward to going into labor since I'm hoping to go au natural this time. I feel ready, so let's just do this!
Milestones: I'm officially full term!

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